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Mr Penis Settles Down

Hey, remember that little bastard from those Austin Powers films? Mini Me?

Well take a look at his fiance.

Just in case your can't recall, here's what her fiance looks like.

Now let's have another look at his bride to be.

And another peek at the man she's decided to spend the rest of her life with.

Aaaand, to be absolutely, positively sure we comprehend all this, let's go back to the whore, er.....girl again.

Now let's deflate that erection of yours in record time. BAMN!

Ha, that was fun! It's like I gave you all a boner, then took it away. gave it again, then took it away again. Am I powerful or what? All in a days work at Genghis Jon's crappy diary.

Anyways, can somebody tell me what the fuck that tall blonde wants with Mini Me?

First off, "Mini Me" is the name 87% of men nicknamed their penis. Despite the fact that he had the name before the millions and millions of peni that were to follow, it would be common courtesy for him to stop caling himself Mini Me. By doing so he's in essence calling himself "Human Dick-Guy". The fact that he's bald only enhances the illusion he's trying to portray as the Walking Cock.

You know, I don't care if they hook up. But why are they getting married? What the fuck is she trying to get out of this? Sure, he's probably the best vibrator she's ever had, but do you really want that guy fertilizing your eggs? Your kids are gonna look like Minnie Me Barbies. I can just see the whole family waddling behind you now.

Why can't everybody just be normal? Just for one day I'd like not to hear about some 6' 3" blonde marrying some famous, yet freakish star just for the sake of getting on Inside Edition for 10 minutes where she'll go on and on about how she's really in love with the guy.

You know, I've seen a lot of attractive women in my years. And not once have I ever caught any tounge-kissing some guy the size of a newborn baby.

Well, it could be worse. She could be marrying a left-handed person. Now THAT would be gross.


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