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Response to MySpace Spammer

From: Shelly
Date: Feb 1, 2006 3:20 PM

Hey - cool site!!!...

I found you on Oliver Brown's profile - I'm working on recruiting some friends for my friend's myspace music page it's He started it to showcase his ukelele music, and hasn't gotten much attention. What originally started as a friendly recruiting mission to recruit friends for his space, has turned in to quite the competition - mostly between my younger sister and I - and it's one I don't really want to lose - so I've taken a day off today to do some massive recruiting and re-gain the lead! please help us out - go to the site Nodding Head and add him to your friends - help spread the music and help me beat my little sister!!! - it would be greatly appreciated by all!!!

Thank you for your time - again please just click here Nodding Head  (provided my links work - I'm a bit new at that!) Nodding Head and add him to your friends!!

Keep on keepin on! - shelly


Dear Shelly, Why don't you get a life and stop spamming people?

Nobody gives a  flying fuck about Bobbing Head or whatever the hell they're called, and those unfortunate enough to actually hear the tripe you call music will care even less once experienced.

See, you need to understand how the mucic business works. If your pal is so spectacular, people will come to him. He won't need you to shove him down people's throats on MySpace, he'll rely on his fans to tell their friends about him on their own accord, one thing will lead to another and he'll be starring in the Halftime event at the superbowl.

That is, if he gains any fans. Sadly he won't because he's caca. But if he goes to music school for 40 years he might have a chance of acquiring some talent. Granted it's a long shot, but if he does acquire talent then he'll see how his talent will draw people to him without any of Shelly's annoying cut-and-paste emails that accomplishes little beside annoying the reader, establishing Shelly as a moron with way too much time on her hands, and introducing Bobbing Head as a musical act so desperate it has to resort to spam to get people to "check them out".

Ever wonder how Miles Davis got famous before there was a MySpace or Spam for that matter? Probably not, eh? Magic?

In conclusion, seeing how much time you have on your hands I'd suggest volunteering at Meals-on-Wheels or something, do some good in this world. I'd kill to have your free time Shelly, it's an absolute sin to waste it on that talentless loaf.

Happy Groundhog's day.



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