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How Generation Y made Charlton Heston my president

I would like to be the first to welcome Langweilig to Diaryland.

Langweilig added me to his buddylist and had this to say about me. "Manchmal richtig gut, manchmal auch recht langweilig. Vielleicht habt Ihr heute ja Glück."

Now I agree with "richtig gut" bit, but the "heute ja Glück" part seemed a little harsh. That is until I read what he wrote about TV Zero "Lebt mit fadein zusammen und ist meistens auch recht lustig."


('Fadein' in German meens "horny for hampsters" by the way.)

Besides that, the guy is pretty freaking funny. One part of his diary that had me rolling around on the floor in a puddle of my own urine was "Vielleicht bietet das ja Material für den zweiten Eintrag. Abwarten."

HAHAHAHAHA! Do you geddit? "zweiten Eintrag"? "Abwarten"?

Das is funny, ya?


It took the police five hours to talk me from jumping off a bridge after I read this. I mean seriously folks, the future looks pretty fucking grim when we got kids paying crack-addicted, homeless people money to beat each other up while videotaping it for people's entertainment. That's Clockwork Orange shit, there. I'm afraid by the time I'm ready for the retirement home, they're going to include ultimate fighting arenas where they'll pit senior vs senior in bloody, steel-cage death matches.

Not to give our president any ideas, but I would think including everybody under the age of 25 in the war against terror is something that needs to be looked at. I mean, these kids today do some fucked up shit. I bet even fucking Al Qaeda thinks this videotape bullshit is creepy. I mean I understand that the point of being young is to be more absurd then the generation previous, but c'mon! How much more absurd can we get here? During my generation we had GG Allin. I remember watching videos by him and thinking "well, that about wins the wacky award. Can't top that, game over." It seems I truly underestimated the ambition of the next generation. I mean, throwing Marilyn Manson at us was laughable at best. "Is that the best you got?" my generation said with glee. "What a bunch of pussies!"

Yeah we were walking around thinking we're #1 for awhile, then they drop this shit on us, and it's back to the drawing board.

Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta join the NRA. I wanna be ready for when one of these cretins get's elected senator and passes a law making it mandatory to run over people on the sidewalk. I heard Fox is already planning on a series.


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