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I say hear "bomb the fuckers"

I have to quit speaking politics. Everybody has something to say, but nobody knows what they're talking about. I had someone sign my guestbook who said that if we didn't have such a large military, we could have a 90% literacy rate, like they enjoy Coasta Rica. I looked up what America's literacy rate currently is. 97%.

That said, I love Ms. M. I love her madly! But she is so wrong, she makes O.J. look right

Please read that, soak it in, and come back here because I got a mouthful.

OK, I take issue on a lot of things she said. I take issue with her opinion of my country. I take issue with her pessimism. But mostly, I take issue with the "H" she keeps throwing in my name. (J-o-n)

First off, I'm not trying to change anyone's mind. Some people, probably most people, make their decisions on (what I believe to be)assinine theories, and won't budge on it. I'm afraid Ms M. is in that club. There's way too much anti-American propaghanda that people such as her eagerly subscribe to. Hey, we all need an enemy to make sense out of this world, and if ya wanna' blame it on us, go right ahead. It's certainly easier to blame the fat rich guy, than the corrupt politicians that feed off their poor citizens, and keep themselves from being overthrown by telling their populace that the root of all their problems are the U.S.

I mean, it makes sense! C'mon, people are eating rats in India, while Americans biggest complaint is that their internet connection is too slow. India could blame ANYTHING on us, and who you gonna side with? It's always sexier to wanna blame the rich kids. Downright sexy people, but if you don't wanna base your opinions of cynical myths, please read on.

Ms. M. agreed with the Genghster that we are basicly a protector of her country of Canada. She went on to say that it's only because an invasion of her country would somehow be a threat to our borders. Pretty much saying that if we were convinced that the occupying force of space aliens, or whomever that invaded Canada, posed no threat to us, we'd just sit back and let it happen.

Fair enough, but I offered the question on what would happen if England got invaded? I mean, certainly we wouldn't have to help them since that poses no threat to our border? Well, that's we're things change, but make no mistake about it, our intents are just as diabolical....mwah, ha, ha.......

You see, England could sink into the ocean for all we care. We always hated those limey bastards, it's amazing how much they think we like them. You see, as Ms M. masterfully pointed out. We'd be obligated to save them because of "trade reasons and political moves."

So in case you're keeping track, here's the deal so far. We protect countries if it's a threat to our borders, or for trade reasons. However, I would wonder what would happen if an invading force made clear that they would continue trade relations with us, after conquoring England? Hmmmmmm.....

I should ask her why we went over to Bosnia though, to go after Milosevic. Europe has a thing about bringing genocidal dictators to power, and calling us to bail them out. I mean, that didn't fit into either catagory. I'll save her the trouble of answering that, and just assume we needed to rid our arsenal of old bombs. Yeah! Evil, evil, evil, money, money, Mwah-HA...........HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

Here's another kick in the pants....she wrote "When a government hands over a whole whack load of money to a third world country (John's example was the $25 million dollars the US gave to Palestinian refugees who then bought American flags and burned them) it's for a political agenda. They know that many governments and their citizens would rather wipe their ass with American donations then take it with thanks. But they still hand it over, because other countries wouldn't be impressed if the wealthier one's sat back on their laurels without committing some sort of gesture."

First off, she wrote "gave" as if the 25 mil was a one time gift.Ut-uh. That's there annual paycheck, champ. AND LORD LOVE A DUCK! We're doing it to "impress" other countries?? No shit...we haven't fooled you, have we? No siree. Wow, what a conspiracy!!! I think if that is the case, to impress other countries, which it's fucking NOT! I think we're doing a pretty fucking bad job, wouldn't you? With all this anti-Americanism floating around these days, I don't think it's working too well at all. I also don't think many people know about it, shouldn't we be advertizing it more?

OK, time for score check again. We help those in cases of threats to our border. "CHECK!" Trade relations. "CHECK!" Everyone else we let rot in hell. "CHECK!" And we give out enormous ammounts of aid for public relation methods that don't work one bit. Gotcha'. Somebody get me a latte.

And I'm not saying that everything she said was pure horseshit. Sure, countries look after their own interests. The world is really like a game of Survivor. You make alliances, but the ultimate goal is to look after yourself. Does that make it cruel? No. That makes life cruel. we're just living in it.

The war in Iraq? We only went there for the oil, right? Sure, that was part of it. What people forgot and should keep in mind is that we were asked to go there. Not just by Kuwait, Saudi Arabia wanted us, and countless other Arab countries. Even Osama bin Laden said that "Saddam should be punished for invading Kuwait." Yes, we had interests there as well. But the bottom line, and something that throughout our history that we've been consistant with, is when people need help, we oblige. Our government is greedy, but we do things because we care. Hard as that is to swallow, and as unsexy as that is, it's true. Believing this 'vast American conspiracy' where our government only sticks it's nose into things that will benefit itself, is wacky at best. We do tons of good things, it's too daunting a task to keep coming up with a greedy reason why we do it. There has to be a point where people say "alright, maybe they do have good intentions." In the hollywood age, it's a lot more fun to fall victim to conspiracy theories. It's getting old folks. Life isn't a fucking Oliver Stone movie.


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