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Operation Thumbs Up

Man, the military is filled with a bunch of hard core motherfuckers. Today they released yet another photo in their Thumbs Up series.

It appears that the US military has undergone something called "Operation Thumbs Up" where low ranking soldiers compete for who can have their photo taken next to the most horrific scene.

Now, I always thought the naked pyramid thing was tops. But a dead body is a dead body.

Who the fuck is training these guys to do this? It's like the Pentatgon hired NWA to train the soldiers or something. I mean even when 50 Cent busts a cap in some fool's ass he doesn't have one of his homeboys run home to get a camera so he could have his picture taken next to the body giving the thumbs up.

That's hard core man. I feel like this country is turning into Marcellus from Pulp Fiction.

Ya' know, it's like on 9/11 the Arab world gave America's wife a foot massage, and now we're getting medieval on their ass.

That was a stupid anaology, forget I ever said that.


Speaking of things I'll regret saying, I just want to say that I'm sickened with myself that I actually find the girl in the photo, Specialist Sabrina Harman, very attractive.

She can give the thumbs up next to my stiff corpse anytime.


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