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Pot Business

When I was a young fellow, around the age of 16 I came up with this business idea.

Basically what it would have entailed is myself riding around in a station wagon. In the back would be three huge containers of coffee. One filled with cream and sugar, one just cream, and one black. My idea was that I would have a CB (This was before car phones, kids) and people who wanted a cup of coffee would radio in to me. In a flash me and my Javawagon would be on the way to deliver a fresh cup of coffee right to your doorstep.

I thought I'd make billions from this. It's amazing what you think about while on marijuana that just seems so rationale.

I was thinking of my little pot-enduced coffee idea when I heard about this new business called Auction Pays.

How Auction Pays works is this. You know how you need a PHD to use eBay? Neither do I, but they seem to think so. Anyways, instead of spending fives of minutes setting up an auction on eBay, simply drive down to Auction Pays, drop of your valuable stuff, let them deal with the headache of putting your item online, and sit back and wait for them to pay you about 1/3 less of what you could have gotten if you did it yourself.

And if anybody needs any, here's proof why this is stupid.

My friend John has zero computer skills. He cannot grasp the concept of how a pc works at all.

Here's an example. Everytime he wants to check his email, here's what he does: He goes to Google because he has it bookmarked and does a search for ""

Several attempts at explaining simpler methods have gone fruitless.

Bill gates he is not, but it should be noted that John had zero problems teaching himself how to put things up on eBay.

So how can they claim that you need some super human skills when I have witnessed with my own two eyes that a total fucking idiot (Hi John!) can do it with ease?

I'm counting down their demise using an egg-timer.


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