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Queer? Genghis Jon Knows Queer

Congratulations are in order for Diaryland's own Disco who is being considered for the show Queer Guys Hump The Straight Guy (or something)

Congrats, D.

In honor of queermania running amuck, I have decided to have my own version of the game.

Is your diary, well, queer? Than maybe you can be considered for Genghis Eye For The Queer Diary.

Here's how it works. If your diary is queer, and can use a little Genghising up, drop me a note.

I'll inspect your diary, and if it's queer enough for me, I'll spruce it up for you. Now, don't expect me to change the layout. I know HTML like George Bush knows Shakespere. But what I can shake up is content. You'll wake up one morning to find your dry, boring diary will get a make-over by Genghis Jon himself.

Some of the wacky stuff you might get is his opinions on left handed people, and gentile's guide to Jewish holidays.

If I'm really feeling crazy I might even list off who's a nipple. Wowee Zoweee!!!!

And the best part is you have zero chance of getting anal raped by five dudes! That's something not everyone can be assured of.


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