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I think Swappington's should change their name to Screwingtons. I've certainly been screwed more than I've been swapping.

I told you about how a member took 24 of my points in exchange for a DVD, then headed for the hills...

Now it seems the service itself is screwing me.

I made an easy exchange with someone for 2 of my CD's. He got them fine, and left me positive feedback. And no points got awarded to me.

And I sent email, after email asking how come I haven't received any points.

You know what my reply was?

No, seriously.... Do you know what it was because I never got one!

And I'm not Andrew bashing here. I love him more than life itself. I even got Super Gold, not because I wanted it, but just to contribute to his this service that I love so much.

But for fuck's sake man....


I bought my favorite movie on the planet yesterday.


To you suckaz who ain't checked out this shit, allow Genghis tell the mothafuckin' tale!

First, this this dude that wants to bang this chick, but the ho ain't givin him no play. So the motherfucka goes to this pimp named Merlin and asks him to work some magic so he can nail the broad. Merlin's like "Aight! I can dig it, but if that bitch has a baby, he's white ass is mine!"

"Deal" says the horny guy.

So the horny guy nails the broad, and the bitch done went and got herself knocked up. When the baby came, pimp daddy Merlin is all like "That cracker baby is mine!" to which the guy replied "The fuck do I care? I don't want no baby! Get your pedophile ass out of my castle before I stick a midget up your ass!"

So the boy grows up, and one day he was wacking off in the forest when he comes upon a sword sticking out of a rock. He pulls the shit out and people were like "How you did that? Niggaz been tryin' that shit for years. DAAAAMN!" Arty, the boy, replied that he'd told the sword he'd slap him silly if he didn't let him pull him out of the rock.

Arty got much pussy from carrying this sword around because it was really long and bitches think that meant he had a bid dick.

Later he became King, and started 'The Knights of The Round Table'. The purpose of the group was very important. They'd get together and drop acid, then dress up in garbage cans and run around the forest like a bunch of assholes.

Later he finds a cup, and dies.



I apologize for the following paragraph.


There's a rumor going around saying that Great White is gonna finish their tour.

Kinda' makes sense, people are dying to see them!


I started playing bass as a teenager, and caught on pretty fast. It wasn't long before I was became pretty confident in my playing. Not only could I play any of the Ramone's songs with ease, it wasn't unusual for me to throw in some extra notes here and there.

Under the belief that I was the greatest bass player in the world, I decided to check out the guy who 'officially' held that title.

His name was Jaco Pastorius.

I bought a video of Jaco, and after watching it I wanted to shove my bass up my own ass. Jaco did things on the bass that were impossible. My head spun watching this guy, it was the most discouraging thing that has ever happened to me in my life.

To those of you who have difficulty understanding the hardship of musical technicalities, let me offer another anology.

Let's say you're really into jumping. You spend hours a day jumping around your house and have gotten pretty good at it. You can jump higher than all your friends, and they testify as such. OK? Then let's say that after your head gets all swollen you watch "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon."

You don't feel you can jump so high anymore. Anyways, my point in all this is that Jaco is dead, and since I obviously haven't had much respect for the dead lately with all my jokes about Great White and whatnot, I just wanted to point out that since Jaco isn't capable of playing bass anymore, by default it makes me a better bass player than he is right now.

Now, I know that's a sad thing to boast about, but I explained to you before that I'm not on any sort of medication.


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