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Genghis Jon Interviews Your Punk (Diaryland Survivor 4) Ass! Episode 3, Featuring Scud

The latest Diaryland Survivor victim is Scud.

Scud was an OK guy. He just tends to believe that a "sport" where you're not allowed to use your hands is to be taken seriously.

Obviously he had to go. Here's the interview...


Genghis Jon- Well scud, you bombed out. What happened?

Scud- i dunno? i didn't care enough? who knows, i'm not really kirking out about it either though.

Genghis Jon- Looking back on the past Tribal Councils you seemed to be targeted from early on. Do you think this has anything to do with alliances not working in your favor, or are you really that bad of a writer?

Scud- eh again i thin it's more of the fact that i never really care about the entire contest as much as everyone else. i stated early on in the contest that i only entered cause i was bored and that i really didn't care one way or the other about it, when the entire lw fiasco happened i was upset for half a second since i got bitched at then realise that i've had much worse and that it was stupid to worry about it.

Genghis Jon- In regards to getting the boot, you wrote "in all honesty it doesn't matter. i wasn't like most people and didn't think about it too much cause honestly i didn't really care. " Question. Don't you wish sold cheese? That way you could put cheese on your wishlist, and people could send it to you. It would go great with that whine, wouldn't you say?

Scud- how is that whining? whining is wishing you got things your way, not telling people that you couldn't care either way about something going on. it's more indifference than anything.

Genghis Jon- In Immunity Challenge 3 the assignment was "Tell us the story of how you die." You chose to write about yourself getting killed by the Serial Sniper. Hey, that's pretty funny. Know any holocaust jokes?

Scud- negative since how many spic jews do you know? exactly.

Genghis Jon- I read that you're a big soccer fan. Do you like any real sports?

Scud- soccer is a real sport you sissy. go watch your stupid american football where the players take breaks every 20 seconds because they're so out of shape they can't run any longer than 30 seconds at a time. a real sport is one where the players run constantly for an hour and a half, and still manager to have the stamina to score a goal from 30 yards out. fucking americans and their sissy sports. fuck baseball, fuck "football" and for damned sure fuck basketball.

Genghis Jon- There's been some talk that Diaryland Survivor isn't fair, and plays favorites. Here's your chance to bitch. Don't let me down.

Scud- it's the fucking alliance, they wanted to get rid of all the good writers, so there i went. every week i was close but they always wanted to get out those who won the immunity challenges, so this week it was my time finally.

Genghis Jon- Who did you vote out and why?

Scud- uhh the last two times i voted out chrome cause while he's a kevin smith fan and i give him mad props for that, I've just never been a big fan of that style of writing [ala unclebob etc] it just seems to defeat the purpose to write an online journal to a mass of people. i try to write mine to basically Mr.Journal who's my imaginary friend etc.

Genghis Jon- Because the ladies may want to know...Are you as good in bed as you were in this game?

Scud- bitch i'm even better.

Genghis Jon- And who do you think will take the game?

Scud- fucked if i know maybe if i payed attention more i'd know? seriuosly i never thought that far ahead.

Genghis Jon- Well Scud, you played well. Any last words before we shovel this dirt on you?

Scud- nope shovel away i don't care i'm a robot i have no feelings.


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