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Genghis Jon Interviews Your Punk Ass! Episode XVI Featuring The Deranged Psychopath Sniper!!!!!

Genghis Jon- First off, what the fuck? Are you some sort of psycho or something?

Deranged Psychopath Sniper- (Laughs) First let me just say that I'm honored to be interviewed by you. Me and my step-son are big fans. Onto the question. Well I guess I'd have a tough time arguing that fact. I just like to think of myself as sort of special. We all have our high and low points about us. That's what makes us human. Just because I go out and kill a bunch of innocent people, that doesn't make me a bad person.

Genghis Jon- Now that your caught, is there anything you'd like to say to the public?

Deranged Psychopath Sniper- Yes! Vote Ralph Nader! Now, I know my popularity rating is at an all time low right now. And I understand that I'm probably not the number one person folks might want to get advice on who to vote for president from. But hey, I'm still an American. And other than that little indiscretion I had a few weeks ago, I've always had the best interest of my country in mind. That's why I strongly endorse Ralph Nader for president.

Genghis Jon- That's your interest in Raph Nader?

Deranged Psychopath Sniper- I just think he's a damn cool dude. Did you know that back in the seventies he stopped GE from making toasters that would burn down houses and destroy families? He wrote a book about it called "Unsafe at any Browning Level"

Genghis Jon- I think you're thinking of "Unsafe at any Speed" about GM. What set you off to do these killings? I know you were married twice, were you angry at someone? Maybe trying to scare someone specificly?

Deranged Psychopath Sniper- And Jon, don't even get me started on the rain forest shit! It's nasty, and Ralph will stop it! He'll stop the rain forest from spreading to America. He'll fix global warming so it's set to room temperature.

Genghis Jon- What the fuck are you talking about?

Deranged Psychopath Sniper- It's true.

Genghis Jon- No it's not! You're only talking about Ralph Nader because he's against the death penalty. You don't even know anything else about the guy!

Deranged Psychopath Sniper- Whatever. What people need to know is that big business is really bad or something, and Ralph Nader with shut them down

Genghis Jon- Now you're just being stupid. Why don't you just admit that the only reason you're endorsing Ralph Nader is because he's basically the only one that's gonna' save your ass?

Deranged Psychopath Sniper- I resent that, Mister Jon! Now you're just hurting my feelings.

Genghis Jon- Hurt your feelings? Why should I care? You're a deranged lunatic!

Deranged Psychopath Sniper- OH! I'm deranged now? And why is that? Because I'm black?

Genghis Jon- WHAT?!?!?!

Deranged Psychopath Sniper- Are you telling me that a black man can't vote for the Green Party to win the White House?

Genghis Jon- Oy vey. So let's say Nader wins. How many months will it take until you're out on parole?

Deranged Psychopath Sniper- I resent that!

Genghis Jon- C'mon, you can tell me. I won't print it.

Deranged Psychopath Sniper- About 6.

Genghis Jon- Really?

Deranged Psychopath Sniper- Maybe 3 weeks once he finds out I'm black.


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