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Surly Again

Sorry no update again, I gotta' tell you, I'm enjoying this summer.

Baseball, hiking, swimming, anal sex, frisbee.

Who's got time for updates?....besides yo' momma!


First I gotta' give it up to muy' peeps.

No, first I gotta' say how much I hate that lingo. What the fuck is a peep? Sounds like something that comes out of my dick.

Anyways I'm absolutely delighted that Diarylander from long ago, Surly, is now back in the form of Miss Kubelik

Wow, first Pink Floyd gets back together, now this. When will it end?

Admittedly I'm also excited by the fact that she's single.

Not that I wish all ye bloggers to be lonely and miserable, but let's face it; Bloggers who are single are way better than those in a relationship.

If proof is needed I offer Wicked Sezzy

Now, fairly recently Sez found her one true love that she had been searching for in frat houses and biker bars for years.

Personally I'm really happy for her. As a fan of her writing there's nothing that could of been worse.

Here are a before and after comparison of her work that show's how she went from one of the most talented and entertaining writers around, to comletely nauseating.

(I'm paraphrasing because I'm lazy)

"Last night was kinda' mild for me, just had a couple of drinks. Say, does anyone know how to get donkey semen out of your hair?"

"I call my boyfriend monkey because he's my favorite little monkey. I wuv' my monkey, I do, I do!!!"

"So I was in the voting booth when this janitor walked by. Naturally I pulled him in and jacked him off while voting for George Bush with the other hand..."

"My monkey did the sweetest thing for me today. I came home to find him hanging upside down in the backyard tree eating a banana. He then came down and read me a poem about how even a silly little monkey would be "bananas" not to want to "swing" with me. I WUV' MY LITTLE MONKEY!!!

"Today me and the Manlys decided to pool all our money together and but a condo shaped like a vagina. If all goes right, we're hoping to attract a lot of penis to this lair.

"Sometimes I don't think I deserve my litte monkey. Just when i think he does the sweetest thing ever, he tops himself! Today I walked in the door to find him pooping into his hand and flinging it at me. I WUV' MY LITTLE MONKEY!!!

Never had I seen someone fall from such greatness in such short time. She truely is the Mike Tyson of Diaryland.

Let's hope Surly picks up where Sez left off.
Speaking of flinging poop, Disco is an asshole.

Seriously, check out what the guy does.

So I'm on the IM everyday, very easy guy to find.

He pops up a few months ago out of nowhere and invites me to his birthday party.

Sounds awesome. I live in CT, he's in NY, we're not far away. It would have been nice to meet the guy after so many years of him admiring my work. It truly would have made his day.

So back to the story. The fucking kid invites me to his party and then I don't hear from him again. Nothing.

What kind of fucking person does this? I mean really. I understand if he was intimidated, I can't blame him for that.

Anyways, to get back at the prick I'm going to buy his new comedy CD and give it a bad review.

The CD I'm told is titled "You're a Nipple!...and other stuff I ripped off from Genghis Jon"

Stay tuned, I'm gonna' fling poop on this like I was Sez's boyfriend.


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