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Hey Mr. Taliban...tally me bannana man...

Hey Mr. Taliban...tally me bannana man...

I've been thinking of ways to help my country in wake of this terrible attack on America.

But what can I do?

I tried to donate blood, but the Red Cross is full.

I tried to volunteer at a hospital, but all the nurses there get distracted by my good looks.

The doctors got jealous and beat me up...

So, I said to myself "Mista Jon, use your talents to heal the country"

My talents?

Um....I play music!

But sadly my band outright refused to cover "we are the world"

So then it hit me....I'll write an email to the taliban government.

Now keep in mind that the internet is banned in Afghanistan, so I had to send it to their embassy in Pakistan.

To-Embassy of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

House No. 8, Street 90, G-6/3



Tel.: (+92-51) 2824505/6

Tel.: (+92-51) 2278213 consulate

Fax: (+92-51) 2824504



Dear Mr. Abu-Mujahid.

You are a very bad man.

Very bad!

-Jonathan Depardieu

That otta' teach em'!


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