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Another Angry Canadian (AAC)

Katherine - proud Canadian - 2004-07-10 23:31:36

"Ghengis, the entire world is down on George Bush. If you think Bush equals America or America equals Bush I feel sorry for you. If Canadians feel like expressing a point of view about your government they have the absolute right to.

If you don't like it, maybe you should vote for a universal fascist dictator next election who would remove the right to free thinking and free speech. Republicans are idiots, no question."

Katherine, like most of my critics, you can neither grasp what I'm saying, nor spell my name right.

First, it's not I that can't seperate the American people from it's leader. The poll that I wrote about in my last entry that you're criticizing me stated that 40% of Canadians, and 64% of French Canadians, had an unfavorable view of America. Now if you have some inside information that these people who took the survey actually meant "Bush" when the question they were specifically polled stated "America" then on behalf of everybody, I thank you for letting us know. However it seems to me that it's your fellow Canadians, particularly ones taking polls, that are having the most difficulty with the "Bush equals America" problem. So perhaps you can join me in directing your sympathy towards them.

And yes, most of the world does hate Bush. Us included. If you haven't been paying attention, most of us didn't vote for him. The common Canadian response to that is "Well, that's because you conduct your elections are screwed up, eh" and because you seem to be a common canadian, I'll answer that and save you the trouble of asking it.

The reason for the electorate college is to ensure national political seekers will pay attention to smaller states. If all they went by was who got the most votes nationally, whitehouse seekers would campaign in California, Texas, and few other states.

Sure, it probably wouldn't be necessary if 90% of our population lived within 100 miles of the American/Canadian border like SOME countries I could think of.

As far as Canadians having the right to express a point of view about our country, or our people, or our government is someplace we'll have to agree to disagree.

I'm not saying that we are above critism from outside sources, but arrogance coming from such an inconsequential people is barely a fly worth swatting.

Canada has contributed nothing to nobody, and what it contributes to itself are things like inexpensive pharmacuticals that were created, manufactured, and shipped from evil America. Go Canada!

As far as your comment on voting for a universal dictator...I'll let you look over that question again and decide wether it's really helping your cause coming across as an intelligent commentator representing your country.

Even Canada doesn't deserve being tied to someone asking a question like that.

In closing, yes, a lot of republicans are idiots. That said, maybe if you had a few you guys wouldn't be bitched around by the French of all people.


To my non-American and Canadian readers who are sweaing at me in French right now, I challenge you to read this piece about "Hating America", given to me by my buddy, Jonas Cord.


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