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Gay-nghis Jon?

Hot off the press folks! I got a call from a friend that informed me that he ran across a personal ad on the internet of an ex-girlfriend of mine.


Hehehe. Now, I'm not gonna' link her picture or nothing. She was a nice girl, and it's just wrong to do that so...

Well, OK. Here it is.

But it's still wrong of me to do that.


Put the kids to bed gang. I got a story to tell, and will be taking the subject matter to the wrong side of town. So all you sensative types (Mike, I'm looking in your direction) might want to cover your ears for a bit.

I was actually speaking with a friend of mine about the girl above not too long ago. There was an incident that took place one evening where I was in the position of receiving a blowjob while on the phone with one of my male friends.

My friend pointed out that it was clearly a homosexual act that I was playing out. He stated that it was more of a homosexual act than if my male friend was performing the act on me, while on the phone with a girl.

In my defense, I was already on the phone with my pal before she even came over. It wasn't like I was getting a hummer, and felt the need to call my buddy.

I can assure you all that there was no erotic talk between unnamed male and myself while this act was taking place. I believe we were talking about music equipment, until the act began, where my participation in the conversation became less active aside from the occational "uggggghhhh-huh."

So there you have it. I might be gay after all. Vote in the poll to your right to let me know if I can now use the word "fag" liberally, and without guilt.


Speaking of shooters....They caught the notorious sniper this morning. HORRAY! The FBI is interviewing him now, but not before I got my own interview with him. Come back for that shortly, faggots.



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