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My Weatherman Wants To Have Sexual Intercourse.

At the risk of starting rumors that Genghis Jon cruises the net checking out guys, I do want to say that I found an ad on of my local weatherman, Art H0rn!!

Anyone that's interested in men with sexy, yet modest afros can find him under the username "skychaserdude".

Or if ya' just don't wanna', the following are highlights.

"I'm interested in a woman who is curious"

What girl isn't curious about shagging their weatherman? I bet he's got a big weatherwand!

"If you like to work out that's good but you don't have to be ready for TV competition!"


"I'm interested in a woman....who can be comfortable in jeans or in that little black dress."

Ut-oh Art, I feel a warm front moving in! Precipitation is on the rise!! I got a Nor' Easter in my pants, Art!!!!

All right, before anyone get's too excited over possibly fitting the bill, I think it's best to hear what this manburger has to say about himself.

"I frequently scavenge along the coast looking for small out of the way places."

I bet he battles evil too. Art H0rn; Crime fighting weatherman.

"I am drawn to anything that has to do with the ocean and ships."

What about sailors? I use to be in the navy.

"There must be an old sailor in my genes."

Or your mouth.

"I like to take walks on nice days and I lift weights for strength."

For strength, huh? You don't say. I lift weights for intellectual stimualtion.

He goes on to say that his turn ons include "Long Hair, Skinny Dipping, and Flirting"

Art H0rn...

More like Art Horny.


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