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"Hand Me a DicK" by Genghis Jon

I got this great idea for a story that I want to throw out at you people. before I start wasting time writing it, I want to know if you people would be interested in reading it if I wrote it.

Anyways, the premise is around a completely straight guy who's fed up with disastrous relationships he's had with the opposite sex, and figuring the only way he'll really ever be happy is to dedicate himself to becoming gay.

Is that something you'd want to read? Honestly I'm not even sure I'd want to read it, much less write it, but maybe because of how much it makes me feel uncomfortable is why it needs to be written.

Either that or it's just a stupid idea, and should just write a story about an isolated youth like everyone else.

Anyways, don't be an asshole. Leave a comment. Lemme know what you think.


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