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Good Dog!


GAWDAMN THING, I had about a million word entry that got ERASED after clincking on one something by accident.


Don't worry gang, I'm not one of those pussies that gives up after defete.

I'll start from the drawing board and have it back up sometime today.

While I'm doing that I recommend you go read my favorite diary.

Or you can marvel in the fact that I'm a published author!!!!!!!!!!

Either way, my next entry will not dissapoint.

Not dissapoint like having National Link Jon day. and have hardly anyone comply.

THAT's disappointing, lemmetell you...

But don't worry, I hold no grudges.

Take names? Yes.

Hold grudges? No.

Remember loyalty? Absolutely.

Reward those that are faithful to the cause?You betcha'!!

Reward those that have not shown their respect? I've been know to do that to.

But it's OK guys...

Just keep on taking any never give back....I don't mind....

Hey! Maybe guys should link Uncle Bob a few more thousand times.

I mean, he sure does need it!

Not me though...

Just keep me a well kept secret.

That's all I'm good for.

Good old reliable Jon.

Gives us so much entertainment for free.

We can walk all over him.

Just like an old friendly dog.

Doesn't even need to get taken out to shit, or fed Alpo.

Good old Jon....



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