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Birdman update

I was having email correspondencewith a friend of mine the other day via email. I told him that I would be moving in to his neighborhood in a month. My friend expressed his concern that he might open his cutain one day to find me standing there in a bird costume.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, then read this.

That story you just read is all true. Scout's on her. Oops, I mean Scout's honor, anyways...

I was surfing the web under a Google search for "birdman" to see if anyone else might of had a simular experience. Surprisingly, I found a photo of the beast I encountered. Click here to check out the Amazing Birdman!!!!!!

Hahaha. I fool you.

No, really, this is what I saw.

AHHHH, hahahaha...I fool you again.

Seriously though, here's a picture someone drew that put chills down my back it looked so much like what I saw.

The only thing is, on the painting the bird has like an eagle head, while the one I saw looked something more like a vulture. Also, the body had feathers and didn't have such defined muscles. It also didn't have a potato hanging in it's crotch area that I remember.


In other non-Birdy news, I think I got the apartment I was talking about awhile back. Am I a bad motherfucker, or what?


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