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Bra Burning

I am in way am a conservative/republican. I think they're idiots.

That said, I also think liberal democrats are even bigger idiots.

As printed in my guestbook from my other site.

Some liberal went to town on Sez.

I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone by adrressing it here.

The following was written by a fellow named Kevin.

"I think it is funny that Sezzy is so absolutely sure that there is WMD's in Iraq and that Saddam Hussein was such a clear and present danger to the United States. Although no one cared about him until they realized it would look good politically to go after him. Sure, like Disco said, they are going to find SOMETHING now, because they have to now, so I am sure they are planting whatever they need out there in the desert. And whatever they do find won't be anything that could have been any sort of threat to the U.S., if they do. Which is interesting since that was the original propaganda for getting this war started. So what does it come down to? ANyone that speaks up now and says Saddam Hussein was such a threat to the United States now after not caring for 12 yhears as we bombued the fuck out of the people there, is full of shit. I guess a lie repeated enough times really does become the truth. Just because someone is rich, doesn't mean he is smarter or better than you, unlike what republicans think. And don't even refute that that is not true."

Kevin here suffers from what many psychologists call the "Santa Syndrome."

It's basically what happens when a parent tells a child that has come of age that Santa isn't real.

In rare cases it would cause the child to feel as if the people they've trusted the most has been lying to them their entire life.

Hense, they grow up overly suspicious of anyone that tries to get close to them.

In this case the government.

That aside, why the fuck would a guy (Kevin) pick a username such as "Bra2002"?

We'll have to get to that another time.

Right now I'm gonna' have to ask him to put down his copy of High Times, and allow me to refute some of what it's taught him.

First Mr Bra, (IF that really IS your name. How do I know you're not sent by the government to spy on me, maaaan????) unless you were spending your evenings staking out Saddam's regime in the Iraqi desert to get that first hand account we all think we have, I hardly see how your implication that Saddam didn't have any WMD is any less hilarious than Sezzy's conviction that they did.

I'm not saying those underground conspiracy theory newsletters they pass out at protest rallies aren't a credible news source, but let's use our imaginations here for a moment.

Saying that nobody cared about Saddam for 12 lonely years until as of late, considering the mulitple bombings Clinton engaged, sanctions, and diplomatic attempts to get the inspectors he threw out back in. I would hardly think of him as an old chum we just turned on one day.

Hate to join in with the Talk Show conservatives, but if you think your government runs on such cynical motives, I'd hardly understand why you'd choose to call this place home and continue to benefit from what you see as it's misdeeds.

I know that's a corny reply, but I don't really know what else to tell you.

I mean, if I lived under a government that I thought was apalling, say Pol Pot or what have you, and given the opportunity to leave, I'd be gone so fast it'd be unbelievable.

Why you choose to sit and complain, while reaping the fat of the land my means you abhore, it gets kind of hard to respect you.

As far as your statement regarding proof that there were no WMD because they weren't fired, let me fill in something they left out of your leaflet.

Cause you know it's about the oil. It says so right in that leaflet you got. Oil, oil, oil, money, money, hahahaha!!!

We tried to fool ya man, but you're too freegin' smart.

I just wish someone could explain to you why we didn't we take their oil after we beat them in the first gulf war, because broather, I frankly cannot.

I mean, we won the war, right? The oil was ours for the taking. I mean, to the victor goes the spoils, right? Why the hell did we just leave it there if we were so gosh-darn horny for it?

Listen, I could talk to you all day about this, but isn't there other causes that could use your attention more then this Mr Bra, hmmmmm?

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