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Weekend in Brooklyn

I feel I'm obligated to warn you. I got a digital camera for an early birthday gift, so I'm gonna' become about 10x's more annoying then you ever thought possible.

With that in mind, let the digital imagery begin!

This weekend I went to visit my friend Aska.

(Aska is pronounced Ah-shka....or something...)

Aska is this Polish girl that I've known on and off for several years. She was nice enough to invite me down to her trendy neck of the woods out there in the Williamsburg section of Brookyln.

She had tickets for Si*Se

and decided to bring me along.

Twas' a bit strange. I went camping with her about 6 weeks ago, and ran into her with some mutual friends last December. But other than that I really haven't heard from her in years. Things really haven't changed that much between me and her. Well, other than the fact that we weren't taking baths together, and instead of sharing a bed- I was offered to sleep on the kitchen floor....but other then that is was just like it use to be.

I met her at Grand Central with my roommate. He was going down to visit his brother (who also lives in NYC) and see another show with some chic his brother used to be in a band with. So me and Aska tagged along with their entourage for some pre-show dining. Indian food of course. God forbid these indie kids should go to McDonald's. I almost got beat down when I suggested we hit a Starbucks.

After dinner me and Aska split up from the group. Even though we were right near where our show was taking place, she felt the need to go back to Williamsburg to change her shoes.


Anyway we chilled at her house before we took off. We talked a bit, drank some coffe. I wanted to play around with my camera so I had her sit on the floor in her bedroom while I took pictures. I was going for that "holding a cigarette, drinking esspresso, reading a book" thing. Artsy shit. Give me a camera and I turn into E. J. Bellocq.

Aska was a very uncooperative subject. Totally wasn't working with my artistic genius. I got a few good shots out of her, but it was tough because she wouldn't hold still.

So after the shoot session we got on the subway to Union Square to check out these Si*Se folk.

Si*Se was cool. Kinda' like Sade. Hot chic singer with a bunch of dudes dying for attention. The bass player was wearing a Motorhead t-shirt and kept giving the devil's horns sign with his hands. Something you wouldn't expect from a mellow, melodic band.

So everyone's dancing and having a good time. The band that went on after Si*Se kinda' sucked so we took off.

Aska had her heart set on getting some hummus so we went walking to about 100 delis. She was hysterical. She'd just walk right up to the guy behind the counter and say "you got any hummus? You know where I can get some?" I said to her "Aska, you have to stop looking so desperate. It's like you're asking for drugs!"

After our hummus quest turned out fruitless, we got a Fresh Samantha and headed to the park at Union Square and hung out for awhile.

We watched two drunk dudes have a mock sword fight using their guitar cases. I also turned down like a million people trying to bum a cigarette off me. I paid Seven New York dollars for these Newports, and ain't sharing them with nobody.

We talked a bit about our past, but mostly about a guy she broke up with a year ago that she's still lovesick over. It's kinda' her first heartbreak. Me being me I wanted to warn her that she'll probably have a million more in life, but I was kind and just listened.

We made our way back to her house around 3 were I was offered the floor.

She mentioned to me earlier that she had a couple of her girlfriends over the week before where she took the floor, and the guests took the bed. My attempts to get that deal fell flat, and to the floor I went.

Here's me waking up on the floor

She has no door to her room so I saw her in her underwear when she went to close the window.

That ruled.


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