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Brother's Wedding (Part 1)

My big brother's wedding. What, in life could be more special? Practicly nothing.

Well, perhaps a newborn baby. A warm spring day, maybe. Getting a blowjob by three chicks dressed like The Powerpuff Girls perhaps. But other than that, nothing even comes close.

Anyways, I'll start at the rehersal. I show up at the church the night before and blah-blah-blah...

Catholic church, you get the idea. You sit, you stand, you sit, you stand, you sit, you stand, do the hokey-pokey and you turn yourself around.

Anyways, we got the fuck out of there and went to some fancy-shmancy restaurant for the dinner party.

My brother's friends are nice guys, I mean for the dumb-jock type. A bunch of goons, nonetheless. But for Dave Mathews deciples, they're OK. (Go back a few entries to see a pic of 'em)

They made plans to go to Danbury (which was a good hour away) to see some shitty band called The Zoo after the present shindig wrapped up, and invited me along. Normaly I'd say no, but Jason said he needed me there to keep them in line and to make sure they didn't get too messed-up for the wedding the next morn. I have to admit, that's the first time I was asked to babysit a bunch of officers of the law, and military men.

Anyways, we get to the club, and I instantly note that it's one of those places that I usually wouldn't be caught dead in. The band, "The Zoo" just straight out blew. They played all that MTV crap-rock. You know, Creed and the like. They didn't even play the entire songs, probably because the average attention span in the room was about 9 seconds. On the way down my brother was boasting that he's gonna' get me laid. Oh, goody. Getting laid was the last thing I was worried about. I mean, I lived a good hour and a half from the place. What am I gonna do, meet somebody and drag them across the other end of the state? Sadly, the other dudes didn't share my view. I should mention that other than myself, eveyone was engaged. They were just hooking up, and hooking up, and hooking up! Doing the old dance where you walk up to a girl and just rub genitals. Where I'm from, that's called dry humping.

Continued tomorrow....


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