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Brother's Wedding (Part 2)

OK, so I was gonna tell you all about the night before the wedding, but since I'm on an inferior PC (as opposed to a superior Apple!) the fucking thing crashed, and I lost it all.

I got some nuts here for Bill gates to munch on.

Anyways, here's a summery of what you would of read...

-My brother and his friends are all engaged and horndogs.

-Women really are stupid because they really do fall for the idiots.

-On the dancefloor, I'm easy to find because Im the one bouncing straight up and down while beating my chest to the music.

-My brother confessed that he cheated on his now-wife.

-He might of done it again if his little brother wasn't there babysitting him.

-My brother won't stay married long, due to the fact that he'll tend to his ego before his family.

-Genghis Jon is the greatest guy he could thing of.

-Genghis Jon has selected three great Frenchmen.

And here's how the picklehead did it. He started with every single person that was ever born in the nation of France, or has French blood in them. He (me) then went on to select the best. Here are your winners.

Chalemagne. Because he use to kick some barbaric ass! Pow! Swap! Bang!

Andre the Giant, because he really understood the meaning of the phrase "picking up chicks!"

And me, of course, because I'm the judge here and very, very, biased.


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