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NeVeRmInD tHe BuLloCkS hErE's GeNgHiS jOn

You know, I hate plugging things, I really do. As if anyone risks getting caught by the boss to come visit me only to have me push something on you.

A classic example is how everyone is telling you to sign up for Swappingtons, and to use their name as a reference so they can benefit from it.

It's like they go on and on about how great it is. How you can trade in the junk around your house and exchange it for some items you'd really want.

Then they tell you to use their name (let's say for example 'genghisjon') when it asks you who refered you.

Oh, isn't that great reading. Really professional. Heh, then they'll remind you to be sure you spell "genghisjon" the correct way and not to add a "-" or space or anything.

It's disgracful if you ask me.

Anyways, here's my infomercial...

All the real cool kids know who Sonny Vincent is.

If you do not know who he is, you're just not cool, and little chance of that ever changing.

He was in a punk band called the Testors when the whole punk thing started in New York.

That's three cool things right there! He's from New York. He was in a punk band before shit like Green Day was considered punk, and ummmmmmm..................he's a boy?

Anyways, my connection to the guy is that he produced my friend, and sometimes musical collaborater Kim's album.

My roommate also did a photoshoot for the cover of his upcoming album. But he's not getting his hopes up for that. John was having an off day. Pictures came out looking like crap. Even punkers won't stand for that.

Anyways, stare into my eyes! You are getting sleepy, VERY sleepy.

You will now go here and buy his new album.

When you are done with that, you will sign up for Swappingtons, and put "genghisjon" down for a reference.

God, I suck today.


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