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We Aren't The Champions

Now that New Hampshire is done experimenting, is there any chance the Northeast can have their own president and the rest of you can have whoever the fuck you want?
John Kerry would have made a great president. He's an intellegent, bright, fair guy.
He would have reminded us of how important diplomacy is, and how effective it works.
I hosted a small party last night to people who were just fucking dumbstruck by the results.
None of these guys knew anybody that was voting for Bush. They all assumed it was a shoe in for Kerry.
Sadly as the night wore on they were gingerly reminded of what a unique political region they live in, of which the majority of the country does not share.
You know, if Bush is you're guy, great. It's a great day to be you because not only did your party win the re-election, you gained seats in the house and senate and got rid of Tom Daschele- Bush's biggest headache.
How did this happen? I've been up on the polls as much as anybody and the momentum was by far with Kerry. The supposed mass turnouts alone was a clear sign. You usually don't get that kind of reaction to tell the president he's doing a great job.
So what happened? Well, by judging by the people that I talked to that voted for Bush, what I'm hearing is that they didn't really want Bush at all but were afraid of terrorism, and thought Bush would be better at dealing with Osama than Kerry.
I can understand that somewhat. Change is scary. People have anxiety switching jobs, much less handing over the country's security during a time of war to some Massachusettes hippie.
And it's those people I have the biggest problem with. The ones that know deep down Kerry is the guy that's gonna' make the best decisions and still vote for Bush because they don't wanna' rock the boat. How utterly stupid.
And Ohio. A state that lost over 200,000 jobs under Bush still thinks he4's gonna' be the guy to fix the problem.
Yeah, cause Republicans are fiscal conservatives, right, right????
Not this conservative. Clinton was more a fiscal conservative than Bush. That's not my opinion.
Well, the republicans have scared us from voting for anyone else once again. So we get to look forward to them having almost total control, yet, blaming the weak democrats for everything that goes wrong. Whoo-hoo.
I gotta' comment on something Sezzy said the other day. She basically said that liberals are the most hatful and intollerant people around, and I agree. For the most part lefties act like assholes.
But in their defense nobody plays dirty like a good conservative. Take the issue of putting gay marriage on the ballots to draw out the 4 million evanglicans who didn't vote last election. By making this an issue, the republicans were able to drag these guys out who pull the lever for Bush while they're there.
But they were shoved to the floor by people dying to vote for Bush after the shameless wolves ad which freaked everybody out about voting for anyone but Bush.
Oh, and don't forget those that caught Cheney's speeches where he basically came out and said "vote for me, or get nuked".
58 Million voted for the president. Sezzy, and I'm sure many other republicans are actually gleeming proud of this.
Gee, I wonder what the motivation for all the hatred and intollerence on the lefts side is coming from.


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