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LaFittes Claim Victim.

First I want to express my deepest regrets to Call911 who the first person voted off Diaryland Survivor 5 since we've been split into tribes at the latest Tribal Counsil.

It pains me to see people in a tribe that doesn't care enough about it's teammates to win the Immunity Challenges, like the Kidd tribe does for example.

Call 911 was a wonderful person and a great writer. How The LaFitte Tribe can say to her with their actions "Begone Call 911! You are not good enough for us! We are better than you! Do you think you can play in the same tribe as such megapowers as Uncle Bob, and Odalisk? HA! Not in this game, mortal!" is truly a testament to their savagery. I imagine right now they're gathered around her virtual corpse, pulling off bits of meat and whatnot.

But alas, from what I hear today's victim is already putting her revenge in the freezer. Soon, she'll be a judge and some of her formers team members will be at her mercy. That's when she'll be asked to vote people off. And that's when she'll remember, and have to choose between the snobbery of the Lafittes, and the humility of the Kidds.

And let no one say otherwise that those ruthless LaFittes brought it upon themselves.


I think transexuals are pretty good proof that reincarnation is real.

See, any transexual will tell you that they feel like a woman trapped inside a man's body. My theory is that's exactly what they are. Souls of women getting reincarnated as men, because all the women bodies were taken at the time of their rebirth.

Man I'm fucking smart. Can you believe I'm unemployed? I should be working for the government or some shit. And here I am just giving my brilliance away to you for free as if they were Domino's Dots. I gotta start a subscription service here. You guys are getting the best free stuff since air. This can't continue. Ya'll are gonna have to start coughing it up soon. I got a child to support you know.


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