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So, as some of you know, I've been sober for 9 years. A very long time, wouldn't you say.

I think that chapter of my life is going to come to an end.

See, I was young when I quit. Nineteen years old. What the fuck does a nineteen year old wanna' quit drinking for, you ask? Well, I'll reply by saying that I was a pretty raging teen. Not in a frat boy kinda way. You know what I mean, I wasn't the type that would get drunk and puke on my shoes while a bunch of my buddies would laugh and slap high fives. I drank and just got nuts. I mean I was nuts to begin with, but once I was drunk the show was over. Thanks for playing. I'm not about to get into details, there's nothing I'm too proud about. Well.....except for that one time I jumped out of a moving car, and onto another. THAT, I'm pretty fucking proud of. But I certainly wasn't proud of the time when two girls wanted to sleep with me, and all I wanted to do was pass out. (And sadly got my way.)

So when I decided to go straight, I knew the only way I'd be successful was if I made being sober the most important thing n my life. And I did. I couldn't count how many times I've been the only sober person within a hundred miles. I was so resiliant, and my resolve was so steadfast, that it was impossible to get any alcohol in me. I'm a stubborn sonofabitch, and damnit, no ammount of peer pressure was going to change that.

I remember times hitting on women at bars, who seemed to be into me, but just couldn't get their attention off the fact that I was drinking milk. Fucking milk.

"I'm a Muslim" I'd say. Whatever, I was sick of defending myself so I'd just say the most rediculace thing. "Do I wanna beer? No thanks, just did some Angel Dust."

I don't mean to get off topic, but that video for "Poppa don't preach" don't by Ozzy's daughter, is just the dumbest fucking think I've ever seen. I heard that kid who played Corky from 'Life Goes On' even descibed it as "retarded."

Anyways, I stayed sober for so long for a few reasons. One, is that I'm stubborn. If I make up my mind to do something, I fucking do it, and sometimes forget why. Second, I was hanging around a lot of people that expected me to be sober. It's like my friends have seen me through so many circumstances where I always refused to drink. I remember one party where the hottest chick on the planet asked me to do shots with her in the kitchen. She got weirded out that I wasn't doing shots with her, and my charm and wit was not making up for it. I was booted out of the kitchen where I was replased in miliseconds by some guy more than eager to have drunken sex with her.

That kind of shit happened all the time. And if I was announce to my friends that "Hey, guess what. I'm gonna' drink now. Pass me a beer." I think it's understandable that they might be a little weired out. Or concerned anyways, I mean it was so long! They might be afraid that I'l get stupid again, but that's not going to happen. I'm not the same guy I was before. I don't want to drink to hide from my problems, I want to drink because it's what I want to do. I mean, I could see myself going the rest of my life without drinking. But why do it if I don't want to? You know? It's not like I even want to get drunk, it's the furthest thing from my mind, but shit, I'd sure like to see what a Zima tastes like. All these nwe shit came out after I quit and I never got to try it. You know, like Hard Lemonade. I'd like to try that. Or Bud Ice. Do they still make Bud Ice, or did I miss that? Whatever. I know I have to gently and carefully step back into the water, as opposed to the belly flop everyone's expecting.

We'll see what happens, just esspressin' myself. I'll either start drinking again or join the monostary. I hear the catholic church offers some great benefits, if you catch my drift. Either way, I have an intoxicating future ahead of me folks.

But on the downside, if I do decide to enduldge in a few Papts Blue Ribbons, I understand that I will be forced to withdrawl my membership to the "Drinking Sux" webring.

I'd hate to do that, so I'll keep that into consideration while pondering my next move.


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