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Werd to da' women in da' howus!

As most of you, I've been thinking alot about this whole Afghanastan situation.

And as usual, I've figured it all out...

OK, the whole problem with Afghanastan and the US comes down to one issue.


I mean, who do they think they are? Making women wearing those things over themselves, like they're a bunch of colorful ghosts or some shit.

That pisses us the fuck off!

Why does that piss us off?


Believe me, if you could control women, us folks of Europian descent would of done it centuries ago. We've tried and failed, and nobody has a right to try it again.


The taliban should learn from our mistakes. And I think that's what pisses us off more than anything.

How fucking dare they try to control women when we can't?

Fucking bastards.

I mean, we can't even get women to sit at home and do nothing! There was a time when all we wanted them to do is just sit at home and let us provide for them.

"Don't work! We'll bring home the bacon, and you just enjoy life!"

Sounds lovely don't it? I mean, I'd take the offer if you were selling...

But no....

Women hated the idea.

Mainly because they couldn't ever win an argument with someone that is making ALL the money in the house.

Try yelling at your husband for tracking mud through the house under those cicumstances...

The guy would be like "Don't talk to me like that! I make all the money in the house! You try to get a job, you'd hate it!"

So, of coarse, women ran out and got jobs with more enthusiasm than any man.

Men called their bosses and asked them to pay the women less, hoping it would return them back to the nest. No dice, didn't work.



So now, in this day in age where women are doing everything we do. Most of the time better and without ego. It's difficult to watch the taliban try this shit.

It's like they are the Europeans, only 500 years behind.

Think about it.

They have the Taliban, we had the Spanish Inquisition.

How fucking much better is the taliban than the Spanish Inquisition?

I mean, it's like the Muslims in the middle East are the kid brother to the Christian Europeans.

They're just following us in our footsteps. Only four, or five hundred years behind.

I don't believe the fact that we're bombing them just because they're Muslim.

I think if the Spanish Inquisition ever popped up again, we'd bomb them too.

We were just as bad, probably worse.

I mean, they make the wome wear habibs. Those things that cover a woman from head to toe.

Big deal, we made our women wear chastity belts.

Leave it to a Christian/European to put his bitch's boo-tay under lock and key.

Fucking brilliant!


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