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Cheezy New Band

So I get an email the other day from a on again/off again bandmate of mine.

It's an invitation to join a new musical endeavor that he's starting, aptly enough called "Cheez."

I was thrilled from the get-go with this. Not only is he one of the greatest musicians that have ever come out of......his house, he also already had a name picked out. Cheez. Any of you that have ever been in a band know that the process of democratically choosing a name takes fucking months, and one is usually just settled upon out of pure frusteration.

Knowing upfront that there's not gonna' be any of that "what do you think of this name" shit going on was very appealing to me. It's like he was saying "Here's the fucking name. You don't like it, don't join the group you French fuck! Go die in a heatwave."

So, anyways, the band's name is Cheez, and as it suggests where gonna do retarded covers of cheesey 70's songs that our parents got drunk to and ultimately conceived us. It's our way of thanking these cokehead disco musicians for playing a part in our existance.

The other two fellows in the group will be Andrew's wife Danielle, and her cousin Iceberg (No he's not Jewish, he's a wrestler)

Andrew put up a makeshift website located at WWW.HOLYCHEEZ.COM

The faggy looking one is me. The bassist with no upper lip is Andrew. The others are misc pictures of our friends.

Doing cover songs to queer 70's music on Casio keyboards and drum machines might seem like a free pass onto heavy MTV rotation, but let me tell you we're doing this for the love, not all the money we're gonna' make. We're artists and we'd do this even if it didn't pay so well. Just like Elton John


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