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Letter I wrote to Chuck E Cheese

Here's a letter I wrote to Chuck E. Cheese

Subjest; Chuck E. Cheese poem.

Hi, my name is Chad McAlley and I just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know that I wrote a poem about your fine establishment, and you'll be happy to know it won FIRST PRIZE! Enclosed is the poem. Thought I'd share. Thanks.

-Chad McAlley.

O, great Charles of the Cheese family. O, reverend sire among mice and men. Permit me into your abode to endulge in your offerings. Allow me to frolic in your pit of balls, with colors of yellow and red. Grant me access to your acade games, with lights that flicker, and noises that invoke whimsy. Invite me to feast amongst the ethereal pizza, while I gaze upon the playful boys, with attractive legs and athletic buttocks flying about. And if I for one moment take for granted the heaven you have so graciously exposed me to, invoke upon me the wrath of the boys at play. May they inflict their justice by encircling me, and cause shame and torture......and pain. Sweet pain. May I taste it on my trembling lips, the bitter taste of pain. O' Charles. Won't you allow me to play?

************Their reply**************

Subjest Re: Chuck Cheese poem.

Wow. I must say in the many years that I've been a part of Chucke Cheese, that's the first poem we've received. Many thanks. I've passed it around and everyone here has all agreed that it's quite interesting. May I ask the name of the contest you've won it from? I can honestly tell you that we share your excitement here. Congratulations, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

-Alan Sutro

-Chucke Cheese Corporate HQ

************My reply**************

Subjest Re: Re: Chuck Cheese poem.

Thanks for the quick reply Al. I'm tickled that you liked the poem. The poetry contest that my Chucke Cheese poem won was thrown by NAMBLA, The North American Man/Boy Love Association. As first place winner I get $5,000, and will be reading my poem in front of 20,000 NAMBLA members at the 2003 NAMBLA conference, held in Detroit, MI. Should be a blast! A bunch of us (if not all 20,000, lol!) already made plans to hit Chuck' Cheese after. A lot of our "special" members really feel comfortable there. And you can include me in with that list. ;) Thanks again for writing me back, and have a "Cheesey" day!

-Chad McAlley.

*******They did not reply********


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