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Christmas craziness!!!

Hey Canadians, what the fuck is Boxing Day?


Sorry, sorry, sorry.

I've been slacking like shit lately.

But in my defense, shit's been crazy.

The family f'ing dog died.

So did Joe Strummer.

I spent Christmas eve doing nothing.

I felt like a jewish kid who's friends are all christian.

Christmas day I got the pleasure of spending it with my dad and his horse-faced girlfriend.

And I wasn't even invited there! I had to invite my fucking self!

Guesss what father presented to me for Christmas?

A check.

My dad. Finds out that I'm on my way over with a present for him, so he improvises on the spot.

Good show.

What else is new?

Oh, just as Ebanezer Scrouge was haunted by ghosts on Christmas, such as I.

Each year I'm haunted by the Ghost of Girlfriends Past.

You all remember Bec...

She rung me up, and I'll be seeing her tonight.

Oh, and I did heroin last night.

I have two interviews I gotta get my ass in gear to do, and will do soon.

Right after my methadone.


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