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The Da Genghis Code

Sorry I'm so slow at updating, the truth is is that I've been hit by the most incredible idea for a story and have been busy putting pen to paper.

I don't want to give too much away so you don't steal my idea and become a multi-millionaire instead of me, but here's a breif synopsis of the book that's gonna' topple The Da Vinci Code as the blockbuster hit of the century.

I defy you to get halfway through without screaming "He's fucking brilliant!"

Ready? OK, so the story takes place in some small town.

One day this stranger shows up. People start talking as they normally do in these types of places, at barber shops, the post office, what have you. All asking the same question "Who is that stranger?"

No one quite knew as the stranger, a quiet man with a slender but tall build keeps to himself mostly.

But one day the question was answered by Al, the local butcher . "That's the main man."

"The Main Man?" People shouted?

Soon the town was in a quiet uproar. "Who is this main man. What excatly makes him the main man and what does he want from us?"

Folks scatter for information on this mysterious man's background.

Fast forward 739 pages to where half the town is destroyed over a civil war that broke out in the town when suspicion arose over certain townfolk believed to be in kahoots with the Main Man and his evil intentions.

Just as the moment when Percy the Corn farmer is ready to push the button and destroy the whole town, doing what he believes the Main Man will eventually do anyways but without giving him the satisfaction of doing it himself- a limbless, half-dead Al the Butcher yells out "NOOOO....You don't understand. I was saying he was from Maine. He's the Maine man, with an EEEEEEEE!!!!"

But it's too late. Percy ignites the anti-matter device and annihilates the town.

After the smoke clears a silhouette of a man appears. It's the Main Man! He stops for a moment and observes the carnage that took place. Taking a sip of his Poland Spring he cracks a smile. HE PLANNED THIS ALL ALONG!!! As we see him walking off to the next town we get a close-up on his wallet hanging out of his back pocket.

The wallet reads "O. Bin Ladin" Fade to black...

Yeah. I know, I'm gonna' have to pay people to count my money.


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