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Diarist Awards

Well it's 2004 folks, and you know what that means? Time for to announce the greatest diaries on the internet.

Ahhh, Where more Americans go to see who's who in the diary community. Me and my diary pals like to refer to it as "The CNN of the Diary community."

For those who don't know, when good diary breaks,'s team of crack judges are there to review, and inspect to see if it meets their strict standards of excellence.

Most fall short of grace, but the handful that do pass on to be noted by this most prestigious institution do so with the knowledge that their work is the most distinguishing around.

There is one way, and one way only to be the recipient of the cheerished Diarist Award icon that adorns the champion's site, and that is be the cream of the crop in regards to diaring. To stop short at nothing but greatness. To find the roof of superbness, and blow a hole right through the sucker!!!!

Or you can be like me and just steal it.


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