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Over My Dead Body

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Ever since the dreaded terrorist Al-Daiquiri was blown to bits by US forces the other day pictures of his dead corpse have been littered all over the media. I'll be reading about how Hyundai cars surpased Toyota for quality  all while looking at a bloated, dead body out of the corner of my eye.

Now some of you may ask "Hey Genghis, how is it that they dropped two 500-Pound bombs on him and he even has a body?"

It's because he has super terrorist powers like Magneto.

Anyways in an attempt to be more professional like the big media outlets, and just in the spirit of things I thought I'd do a regular entry while randomly placing pictures of Al-Daiquiri's stinking, rotting body along with some of our other favorite dead bodies we've enjoyed from the past all throughout the entry.

In Homage to Dads. An Essay from a First Time Father-to-Be.
By Genghis Jon

Dad. What does the word really mean?
A Dad could be a lot of things to a lot of people.

For me..

A Dad is someone who plays lots of sports, is always there when you get hurt.

Says "That's OK" when the basketball misses - Showers you with hugs and kisses.

Feels the need to teach you right from wrong - Always ready to sing you a song.

Someone who always wants you to do your best- Always helping, without a rest.

Likes to dance, likes to sing - Says "Hidilio-Ho" when the telephone rings.

Worries a lot when you go away - Greets you with smiles when you're home from play

Bakes warm cookies for you and your friends - When playing tag lets you win at the end.

Someone who lets you use his computer- When the toilet's broke, calls Roto-Rooter

When I'm bad sends me to my room - But never hits or uses a broom

He's someone who listens suggests, and defends - He certainly is one of your very best friends

He's proud of your triumphs but when things go wrong - He can be patient, helpful and strong


When you're good, will give you money - Kisses your mom, and calls her "Honey".

Helps you find and read a book - Does the laundry, cleans and cooks.

Was the first to teach you to count to five - Will someday teach you how to drive.

In all you do, his love plays a part - There's always a place for him deep in your heart.

Someone who wants you to be all you can be, a loving and caring I hope to be.

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