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The Deal With The Interviews

So, yeah, I'm really excited about my new series here called "Genghis Jon Interviews Your Punk Ass."

My first interview that I conducted with my homey TV Zero (Strangley I forgot to link him, so I'll give him a big, long link here....) was extemely educational.

Here are some things that we got to know about Mr Zero, that we may not have known before.

- He's not really a young single guy, but a married old pervert looking for spanking material on Diaryland.

- He has no respect for the law.

- Is a drug addict.

- Wore condoms in his hair on his wedding day.

OK, Ok.......I've been getting a lot of emails and stuff asking if that picture was really TV Zero and I have to admit, no it was not.

But here's what he REALLY looks like.

Scouts honor....

I have no idea why he didn't want me to share his image with you all. I think he's down-right handsome.

Anyways, I think it might be good to talk a little bit more about "Genghis Jon Interviews Your Punk Ass" so you know what you're getting into.

First off, I reserve the right to pull an odd photo off the internet and claim it is you.

Second, I'm not going to ask you a bunch of dumb questions like "Do you think layouts are important?" If that's what you want, Go here and wait in line.

It's not much of an interview when they ask all the same questions to everybody.

Plus, I could really care less what you think about layouts. I'm more interested in finding stuff out about you that nobody knows. Not in diaryland anyways.

Next, I'd like to say, I'm not that bad. I'm not looking to make an asshole out of you. That's my role. In other words, if you ask me not to print something I won't. I probably won't anyways, it depends if I think you're being too anal. But whatever, you get the idea. Just keep in mind that this is a Genghis Jon interview, so if you can't take the heat please don't fucking request an interview, fair enough? No? Good!

Also, a lot of interview diaries request that you but up a permanent link to their site and/or the interview they conducted with you.

They do this because it is their only means to draw attention to their crappy site. While I, on the other hand, have plenty of means to draw people here, I do not need such advertisments. In other words, it's your diary and I'm not going to tell you what to do with it. You can keep the interview a secret for all I care. Again, it's your diary. But of coarse you'd be getting TONS more sex from really, REALLY hot people if you did put a little something on you site that read "Click here to read when Genghis Jon interviwed my punk ass!!!" on your layout. But again, it's your body. If you don't want hot people all over it......that's your business!

Also, I wanted to point out that I conduct my interviews over IM. So you'll need either a AIM, Yahoo! IM, or MS Messenger.

NO ICQ, what-so-ever!!!!!

I tried to use that thing once and my head almost blew up.

Here's how the process will work.

You'll notify me either by signing my guestbook or emailing me that you'd like to be interviewed.

Next, I'll begin a process called "Nipple-proofing" your diary.

Mainly what that entails, is me checking out your diary to make sure you're not a complete fuck. Now, be it known it's extremely hard to be a "Nipple." I'm not a judgemental guy at all, so it's very, very difficult to get to that stage where I wouldn't want to interview you.

But if I do need to define what a "Nipple" might be, here goes....

Diaries that are all about how fucking fabulous you are, and how all the boys love you, and what a great life you have.....

If you write that kind of stuff, YOU'RE A NIPPLE!

If you have the ego that believes all that crap, AND have to share it with strangers in Diaryland, then you shouldn't be wasting your time with me.

So, yeah, as long as you're not a "Nipple" I'll notify you that you're good to go, and email me with your IM info.

Once we catch each other on the IM, and I'm not busy hacking the government, the interview will begin.

Thus far I got a lot of really cool people I can't wait to interview, this should be fun so make sure you check my site every 5 minutes.

And remember......the "Punk Ass" I interview, may be your own.......


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