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I hope Derek Jeter gets hemroids and dies

It's fucking painful being a Red Sox fan. I realized this in the 8th inning, where the Sox where up 5 to 3 and I knew they were gonna lose. Something inside me told me they were gonna lose.

I mean, I hoped they'd win, but if you've been following Boston like I have, you expect things like this to happen. If there's any way possible in the realm of reality that the Boston Red Sox can fuck up an important game you can be assured they will.

After the yankees won the game that put them in the lead 3 games to 2, a lot of Boston fans were getting nervous that the Yanks were gonna win the next game, bringing them to the World Series.

I assured these morons who don't take lessons from history, that the Sox were sure to tie it up, then lose in the seventh game- in overtime- after enjoying a lead through most of the game. I swear, I called it! My friends think I'm fucking nostrodamus of baseball, but really I'm just a Boston Red Sox fan with a memory.

Anyways, next year I'm gonna' root for the Yankees just so they'll lose. Trust me, it will happen. The one ttime I rooted for them was after 9/11 when the city needed some uplifting. They lost that year, it was all because I was rooting for them. So next year, go Yanks! It's the only way to stop them.


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