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When I think of how far the woman's moment have come in this country, I think of The Dixie Chicks.

The way they portray their independence and strength shows women everywhere that their gender is not mearly made up for male arousal.

From the way they carry themselves we learn they are talented, thoughtful, intelligent creatures that should be respected for their minds, and not their bodies.

That is of course until they get caught saying something stupid. Then their clothes comes off like a drunken prom queen.

Controversial comments? What controversial comments? Look at 'em! I can almost see their boobies! Whoopeeee!!!!

I really need to draw attention to this trump card women seem to have, called "Removing one's clothing."

We've all known about this. It's nothing new.

If any of you know some knockout chick, chances are she doesn't even know what a speeding ticket is.

Even the most 'by the book' type policemen could be persuaded to rip up said ticket in lieu of some cleavage showing.

It's that same mentality that The Chicks managment subscribe to when instructing the girls to drop their drawers on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

One month ago Playboy couldn't have gotten their clothes off with 50 million and a crowbar.

Today they're not only buck nekkid' on the cover of a entertainment magazine, they are at the same time bawling to Diane Sawyer about the lack of respect they've been gettin'.


And if anyone think's these girls look the way they do in real life, especialy that albino piggie in the middle, they need to register themself for a Photoshop class.

What they should have written across their bodies are things like "Cellulite", "Gross", "Smells Like Goat Farm".


Somebody needs to explain to me why men can't do this?

How come a month after Enron collapsed we didn't see Kenneth Lay on the cover of Fortune magazine showing his nutsack, with "scapegoat" written across his ass?

What did we see?

Anyone remember?







Who said "The Women of Enron?"Give that guy a cookie!

I think that the hunt for naked famous people shouldn't be confined to just women. It's the year 2003, and I think it's high time we started really treating the genders equally.

Just imagine if Saddam Hussein posed nude on the cover of Guns & Ammo magazine. Do you honestly think we would have bombed him after seeing what a cute dimple he has on his left buttocks?


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