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Hi, my name is Genghis and I'm an eBayaholic

When did I become such a computer geek? I feel like kicking my own ass when I look in the mirror. The great, great company of Apple computers, that is superior to Windows in every way possible, came out with the latest Operating System version OS X.2

Now, I'll be the first to confess there isn't anything terribley important on the upgrade to invoke frenzy. Yet still....there's a new toy on the market and I'll be damned if I don't get it.

So instead of paying the asking retail price of $129 (retail is for suckers!) I did what most po' folk do when they want something.

So while at eBay I'm noticing I'm not too impressed with the going rates for the upgrade OS. Most sell for about $100. 30 bucks off ain't enogh. I want better. So I thought I'd check out Yahoo Auctions. Yahoo Auctions sucks. Nobody in there right mind goes there. They don't have shit! Which was exacly why I was there. I was hoping there'd be that over-looked, under-priced diamond in the rough just waiting for me to snatch it up, and lo and behold.....THERE IT WAS!

Mac OS 10.2 selling for $60.00 with no bidders. Auction ending at midnight. "I-AM-THE-FUCKING-MAN!" I screamed aloud.

My roomie came over to me, and I tried to explain to him what an OS X.2 is. Then what an online auction is. Then what a internet is. Then what a computer is. Then where babies come from.....

So I told him how I do these auctions. I wait until about 5 minutes before the auction closes before I bid. That way I can avoid an ugly bidding war where the price goes up and up and up...

So around that time I place my bid. There was only one bid on it thus far and that was made hours ago. This fucking thing was MINE. I click the button to place my bid and a message comes up reading "You are not eligable to place a bid because the person selling this item has requested that you must have had at least 1 item purcheased on Yahoo Auction previously."


So I do what any desperate jerk that got his hopes up over something and had the rug pulled out from underneath him....I went and bought the first piece of shit I could find.

A Leonard Cohen album. Not a CD mind you, an album. Something you would play on a turn-table, which incidently I do not own. And if that ain't enough to prove what a monkey-brain I am, allow me to offer this. I already OWN the fucking CD. And it sucks!

So anyway, they were asking like a dollar for it with the "buy it now" option for $10. Sold. After completing the sale for that I race back to my first option to bid again, this time with a real-life order under my belt. Whoopeee!

So I go in, place the order and.........same shit. "You are not eligable to place a bid because the person selling this item has requested that you must have had at least 1 item purchased on Yahoo Auction previously."

Thats when I was confirmed of the fact that Yahoo is run by a bunch of goat fuckers.

So I ran back to eBay with my tail between my legs. I needed a fix at this moment. I HAD to get this fucking OS upgrade no matter what the cost.

I take a good long look at the ones up for sale and WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMM!!!!!

There's one for $70- "Buy it now."

And buy it now I shall. I go to pay the $70 bucks so I can sleep. I went through all the check out BS and I get the confirmation notice..


Highest bidder? No, I just bought it! I placed $70 and I bought it!

I went and looked at the auction page and there it was. Me as the highest bidder and the "buy it now" option gone with the wind.

I went back to see what went wrong and there was a teeny, tiny little button that read "press here to buy now".

I wanted to cry.

So, my last hope before I took out that old samarai sword and did myself in, was to contact the seller and beg...and I mean show pity upon me. $70 is really low, and I knew people would start bidding on it soon.

Soon as I got to work this morning, I went straight to my email. The seller wrote back..

"Jon, no problem. I cancelled the auction and as soon as you pay me I'll ship it out to you. BTW, are you the same Genghis Jon from Diaryland? .....


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