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Ignoring the Elephant in the Living Room

Dama, I sure was off with my Survivor 3 predictions.

Not one person got their ass eaten by a rhino.

Huh, go figure?

Anyways, let's take a look at the lucky winner.....

Yep, if you haven't guess, it looks as if 70's singer/songwriter Cat Stevens snuck into the game somehow, and emerged victorious. What a crazy game! Who could of predicted that????

Heeeeyyyy!!! Congratulations, Cat! The tribe has spoken, and you are the man. Don't spend it all on drugs and whores, you tiger, you....

Speaking of survivor, I forgot to give props to the ultimate survivor! Ladies and gentlemen of diaryland, give it up for one motherfucker of a man, Mr. TV Zero. This guy is so bad, he makes Osama bin Ladin look like a soccer mom.

He's so dope, junkies get off smoking his hair.

I ain't kidding with you!

This guy is so smooth, he makes Jello pudding taste like gravel.

I kid you not! My homey needs a fucking crowbar to get the bitches off of him. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?? HE'S FUCKING MONEY! He should change his gawdamn name to George F'ing Washington, he's so money!

True story, the government was going to put his face on dollar bills, but they realized the American public would be too discoraged by his greatness to go out and try to accomplice something by themselves.

This dude made rock stars and presidents alike weep like little girls for feeling like failures in life.

Happy Birthday, you flopper.

In other news, I finally sold my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Rickenbacker bass.

RIP, good buddy. Unfortunetly you were the second best bass on the planet, and I just got me the first.

Above is the Ernie Ball Musicman Sterling. Let me put it this way, if TV Zero was a bass, he'd be the Sterling. No doubt. That's how good this bass is.

Speaking of stuff I can't afford, but end up with anyways. Me and the lads in the band are recording a three song demo at my friend's studio, and he's graciously waving the $50 hour fee.

Why? Because I'm pretty!

We're doing this to send to the magnificent NXNE music festival in which I participated in last year with the Dead City Rockers.

Someday I hope to be a real rockstar like my pal Kim! but sadly I don't rock as hard as her.



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