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End Game

You should all wish to be friends with Jonas Parker on the count that he is the winner of Genghis Jon's Seven Canadian Dollars.

Be sure to congradulate our boy, Parker.

Not that he had any compitition. Out of the four that I chose worthy of competing, he was the only one to comply with the game in a timely fashion.

Shows you how good I am at picking out contestants.

The other three slackers will in receit of an invoice for $10 American dollars, due to wasting my precious time.

So life is sucky right now. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the consistacy in my life, it's just that when I'm in the running for an apartment, it's nice to have the potential landlady call back when she says she will.

Oh, how many times I've heard "I'll call you tomorrow" only to get the football pulled from beneathe me.

What happens is I end up calling the wench. I always do. She is not good at keeping commitments. I'll return the favor when I owe her rent money.

Anyways today she informed me that the apartment won't be available until July 1st instead of June 1st.

Good thing I called HER to find that out.

She asked if I'd still be interested, I thought to myself you better hope I am because nobody else would put up with your shit.

Now, to top it off, my soon to be roommate says to me "hey, do you think she'll give us a 6 month lease? It's just that I never signed a whole year lease before."

What the fuck am I getting myself into?


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