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We didn't even have the baby yet and I'm already coming up with wicked awesome ways of being a dad.

For instance we all know that it's not practicle staying home with a baby all day- especially since they don't wanna' do nothing but sleep.

I think I've found the best solution ever by having not one, but potentialy BILLIONS of babysitters for my newborn.

Billions of babysitters? You're putting me on. It can't be...can it?

Yes. By combining the power of a webcam with the security and safety of the internet I'm on the verge of creating the ultimate childcare system bold enough to satisfy a modern man on the go.

Hey, I'm thinking about joining a band. I ain't got time to watch a kid spit up all over himself.

That's where YOU come in. Not you in particular, but you in general. The internet surfer. You're just sitting there with nothing to do. Why not make yourself useful and watch my child?

Here's how it works, I'll open a webpage like or

Next I'll install a webcam pointed at JR that will feed into the website at real time, along with my cell phone number. BAM! That's it! I'm ready to hit the town.

How it works on your end is while you're hanging around Myspace or whatever you check in ever few moments to see if Ian is doing anything weird. If so you can text me a message on my cell phone.

Problem solved. I eat problems, you give me a problem, I put mustard on it.


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