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An Eye for an Eye

Behold the new look of the Dave Matthews fan.

Above you are two assholes who showed up to a Dave Matthews show in Hartford without a tickets, proceeded to start all sorts of trouble, threw rocks and bottles at the police when they were told to go home, and now they're wondering why they got fucked up.

Someone needs to tell that to their upper middle-class parents who marched them down to the press probably before the press to get their pictures taken before going to the hospital.

I can just hear them now "Look at what you did to my baby!" Fuck you lady, if you were taking care of your baby instaed of letting him or her run around and cause all sorts of shit, maybe he wouldn't of gotten a beat down from Hartford's finest. I so applaud the police in this matter. Especially their restraint in this matter because, truth be told, if it was me a real bullet would of accidently fell in there. Would of been Brandon Lee all over again.

And not to sound like Ashcroft, but why stop with these kids? Doesn't Johnny Law have the obligation to go to the source, in this case Dave Matthews himself and shoot him in the eye? Again, what restraint.

So these yuppy mothers are gonna sue the city for all kinds of money they don't deserve. They'll go to court and make the kids out to be an innocent little know-nothings that made a bad mistake, and got unfairly beaten for it.

If I were the town, I'd sue the kids for the rubber bullets that's still stuck in their eyes. I'd also take the images above and put them on billboards outside the venue in case anyone thinks about repeting this shit again, they'll know exactly what's in their future.

Who do these Dave Matthews fans think they are? I got news for you, here's another rubber bullet in your eye, Dave Matthews music is shit. Name me some songs..."The Space Between", that's shit! I would shoot myself in the eye if I had to listen to 2 hours of that garbage.


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