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Sorry girls, it was a joke.

Women by nature aren't stupid, but like everyone they have their downfall.

Their biggest weakness is their looks. When you tell them something is gonna make them look better they're a lot more prone to believe it than if it had nothing to do with their wonderful looks.

Case in point is that my girlfriend got a link from her friend about that old "cum as moisterizer" myth that's been going around since man first realized he enjoyed seeing his boys all over his girlfrien's face after a bj session. Since that time we've been saying anything to have them more receptive to the idea of having baby batter splattered all over their face. The one thing that has stuck is the theory that it's a moisterizer and it'll give you healthy skin.

Guys know this is bullshit. The first time I heard this I knew it was bullshit. I knew why this rumor was started, and I appreciated the motivation behind it, but how normally intellegent women could even think that jizz could work as good- if not better than moisturizer based on the evidence that they kind of look the same, and your boyfriend said so, is proof that you can get women to do just about anything by telling them that if they do it, the outcome will be having silky, smoother skin.

We even have them believing that even if they swallow the potion, they'll still be blessed with great skin. People, how fucking naive can you be? If you swallowed a whole fucking tube of Oil of Olay do you think it'll make the smallest difference on your skin as opposed to if you just applied it on directly? Think the same kind of science would work here? Ever stop for a moment and think that this might be a creative way to have you swallow some cum and not complain about it, or the fact that your boyfriend is videotaping it and putting it up all over the internet? Hmmmm, do ya, hmmmmm?????

If you still don't believe me, think about this- Do guys have one hand soft and smoother than the other? NO. End of story.

In conclusion I just wanna say that their's nothing wrong with having a guy shoot their load oall over your face. Some famous women have had it happen to them on numerous occasions. For example Margaret Thatcher, Lucille Ball, Emily Dickinson (Notice she has 'dick' in her name) Anus Nin, and of course, Oprah Winfrey. Just do it for the right reasons. Do it cause you live in a land where you're free to do it. Do it because you look good in white. Do it because some guy you met on the street gave you $300 to video tape you do it. Just don't do it as a moisturizer. It's suppose to make babies for chrissakes'.


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