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Wondering what the hell's the deal with TV Zero, and Fadein?

Am I alone, or does anybody else that reads Bill and the other Jon want to shove a finger in their ear until they reach brain?

I mean, these motherfuckers are in love. Seriously. I'm starting a pool to see how long it is until these guys move to Vermont and get married. If you want in, sign my guestbook.

Yes, you're thinking I'm jealous, and I am jealous of these two fuckers living in L.A. I can see them now, sitting side by side on computers, reading my diary. Talking about how funny I am, and how my diary is like- even better than most comic books they've read. I can see them laying on the floor, looking up at the roof talking about how, if my diary could be compared to just one comic book, it would probably be Superman Vol 1, and then Bill would pipe in saying that he named his pillow "Genghis Jon" and holds it extra tight. And then the other Jon would say that he stopped calling his mom, "mom" and now refers to her as "Genghis Mom" in honor of the two people who've given birth to him. One physicaly, one spiritualy.

After that, they'd just get back to work, stealing all my funny ideas into the screenplays that they're "working" on.

Now I know how Paul McCartney feels towards the brothers Gallagher of Oasis. And don't get me started on the fucking McCartney. He stole all the good songs from me on his "Flaming Pie" album.

Wait...there were no good songs on the Flaming Pie album......

Never mind.

Anyways, I got like 70 pages full of mispelled words to write about in regards to my brother's wedding that I need to get motivated for. Just not now.

Oh, on the voting thing to the right, I'm inquiring on if/when Bill and the other Jon do hook up, who will be the girl in the relationship. Remember...every vote counts> (Florida, I'm looking in your direction...)


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