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Fat and Sexy

It's no secret that since I've met Libby I've gained alot of weight.

This of course is on purpose, and as much as she has tried to subdue the intense sexuality that exudes from my body, her efforts are fruitless.

Now in fairness to Libby it can't be easy being married to what women everywhere regard as a juicy, hot and steamy double sexburger with cheese.

I mean, sometimes I've made the mistake of lifting up my shirt in public and have some poor girl get a quick view of the goodstuff. One look of my sexy white belly jiggling around is usually enough to make a woman start gagging and turning green out of nervousness.

I've even made some women throw-up...which is what happens to women when they're REALLY turned on, they throw up.

Some of you less experienced men out there may not know that about girls because you're not as hot as me. But take it from a guy who's made ALOT of girls throw-up, it's the truth!

And another thing I've learned is if you really wanna' drive the ladies wild is to have that big, white sack of jelly you call a stomach being supported by stringy chicken legs.

I don't wanna' brag but I'm on my way to looking like every woman's ultimate fantasy...


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