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This Entry Got Deleted, But I brought it back from the dead! FEAR ME!!!!!!!

Hey, cool! I found a death threat made towards me on the internet.


I know who it is too.

A little gal that thinks she's in the fucking army, that I like to call Sgt. Nipple 1st Class.

So yeah, her and her "army" of 13 year old computer geeks are gonna' get me. Wherever shall I hide?


Oh, got some good news the other day. I've been accepted to be interviewed. (Permitting that I'm still alive! I have a contract out on me and all....)

The bad news to that is there are literally 160 people in front of me that will get interviewed before "Golden Genghis" get's his turn.

And seeing that they haven't interviewed anyone new in a few days now, I think I might have alzhiemers by the time my turn gets around.

Hmm, maybe I should offer to do some interviewing for them?

I bet I'd be really fucking fantastic at it!!!

Hey, if anyone wants to subject themselves to being interviewed by Genghis, sign my guestbook or email me.

While I'm plugging myself, can someone tell me why I have NEVER been quoted??


I should be Mr. Quoted.

But then of coarse all my clever things are usually cussing out some 14 year old girl.

Ahhhh, me.


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