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It Feels Good to Belong

I deleted all the pictures of Aska. Sorry, you will no longer to be able to bask upon the El Polisho Magnificante.

It seems SOME people have a problem when they email you pictures of themself, and you go right ahead and post it on your modestly popular website.

Like, what am I suppose to do? Innocently enjoy them without adding an element of danger?

You've read the title of the page, right? "Now with 25% MORE danger?" Well, this is what I'm talking about!

I have no idea what the average Joe would do when a friend sends them a picture of themself.

Perhaps smile coyly as they gaze upon their friend that they see 50 times a month?

Pfff, not me. Someone could send me a picture of their grandma and I'm gonna put it up on my website.

That's what I do.

That's my job.

You send a picture to a guy they call "Genghis Jon" and expect what?

I mean really!

You don't buy a used car from a guy with "Honest" in front of his name.

You don't play cards with a guy who's named after a state.

You don't read diaries that have those annoying trail-things following the cursor.

And you DON'T send photos of yourself to Genghis Jon and expect him to treat it honorably.


I'm just being all bravado-y because Aska ripped me a new asshole and I buckled like the Frenchman I am.

Thought I'd come here and feel tough again.

Ahhh.......that felt great! Boy, do I feel like a man!

Next time she gets all angry at me, she better look out because I'm not gonna' whimper HALF as much!


Some ugly nipple tried to get one over on ol' Genghis. Nippilus Maximus went to a gay/lesbian board and tried to make me out to be a homophobe. First, as I've said a thousand times before ERIC ESTRADA IS THE HOMOPHOBE, not me! Second, her plan backfired! What she thought would happen was an horde of angry Cher, and Xena fans to protest my mighty site, and boycott my sponsors. But what DID is Madame de Nip opened me up to a whole new market!

Can I just say that homosexuals Love, and I mean LOVE Genghis F'ing Jon??

Can I say that? Huh? Well it's the friggin' TRUTH!

And I'm still working the market. So if you start seeing a bunch of pictures of me in bent over shots, or with my shirt off rubbing my nipples, It's soley for marketing purposes. Please ignore it............if you can!


It's gonna' blow tonight!

It's gonna' blow 6 to 8 inches.

We're getting a blow storm here in New England!


~Let it blow, let it blow, let it blow!~


I auditioned for a really, really really cool band Saturady night. I'll write more on it later. I made sure to dress like Weezer before I went down.

I told them my name was Sinclair Benoit-Nostradamus.

They didn't bat an eye.


This is the first year I have split parents, and will have to visit duex places on the holiday.

Finally! I'm just like everybody else.

It feels good to belong.


My friend Krackhead Kim is back from Germany.

Kim, if you're reading -welcome back!

Welcome back to where the beer is not room temperature.

Welcome back to......ugh.....I can't think of anything else.


Welcome back to where you're not anywhere near France.

America baby.

Your first Big Mac's on me.


That's enough out of me. If I don't update, have a terrible Thanksgiving.

That's right, I said TERRIBLE!

You people should be ashamed eating a poor, defenseless bird.

At my house, we're gonna listen to some Phish, smoke pot, make love-not war, and set up a table where we invited our turkey friends to dine with us

The turkeys will have the choice between human, or soy-human.

Soyman I think it's called?


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