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Feminism, Fags, and F'ing Jon

I'm so fucking sick man, it's stupid. I'd take Nyquil but my cold has already given me a natural high. I've taken Nyquil when I was this sick before and spent 9 hours staring at my hand.

I don't have 9 hours to stare at my hand. Not today.

Anyways, I got an email the other day from some editor chick who works for a woman's magazine in Australia.

She said she came upon this entry and wants to print it in their first edition.

She describes the periodical as "a magazine that is challenging the status quo of women's magazines in Australia."

HA! Does that scream out Genghis Jon or what?

I can't help but think big here. I think this is a new beginning for me.

I think this is going to lead me to be doing a weekly column in Cosmo. Something along the lines of "Ask Genghis." Where young feminist chicks will write into me asking about how they can make themselves stronger, more independent females.

I will give them hints on the most effective way to kick a dude in the nuts. Offer them perportionate comebacks when they're called a "whore." And basic tips on how not to let The Man from keeping their ass down.

The name Genghis Jon will be regarded as the authority of modern feminism.

Gloria Steinham? I got something for that broad.

All right, I got to go and get back to being sick. If I get stoned off of Nyquil later, and can tear myself away from looking at my hand, I'll try to update just to see what happens.


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