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I AM NOT FEMININE!!! - *Puts on lip balm*

You know what? I don't care too much for Ari Fletcher's F'ING tone he has with me.

A few thing's I want to clear up from the Genghis Jon for beginners site.

First, yes, I have received a challenge to fight Mr.Disco on Pay-per-view.

After serious consideration, my answer has to be no, and here's why....

Have you seen Disco? He's not human.

He's a 6'4" Leprechaun.

Me being mere human, and not having my DNA mutated by a mad scientist, leaves me at an incredible disadvantage.

However, me not being one to stop a show, I would like to offer my own mutated Leprechaun to be pitted against Disco.

I give you Genghis McFunk.

Mista' McFunk will spank Disco the Kid, like he was Disco the Baby!

Moving on...

Oh, Ari "knobhead" Fletcher works for Disco. Big deal.

Ari will love anybody that rubs their nuts against his shiny little head.

Alan Greenspan, however, is a man that can't be bought. Let's see what Uncle Moneybags has to say about Genghis Jr....



In regards to the debates, stay tuned. I think we may have some contenders.

In the meantime, go visit my friend Kim's website designed by yours truly. It's pretty impressive if I say so myself....


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