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More Things Canada Outta' Know

I just read something interesting. Over 40% of Canadian teens think America is "evil"

Oh, it gets better.

The number rises to 64% when counting only the French-Canadian youth.

You would have to assume that their biggest gripe with us is the class of cultures. We're run by a conservative administration, while they're basically socialists.

What surprises me the most with our friends to the north, who got their asses handed to them by the one thing in life that really means anything to them, by Americans... that even though they can't stand this country's conservative culture with such enormous passion it's crazy. They protest against the war, and George W Bush....and just don't get how we could vote in conservatives.

Even with all that protest when their elections come, what do they do? Vote Conservative. Their conservative party gained 20 seats in their parliment, and the conservative candidate for Prime Minister came damn close being elected.

Proving my point that even though hating America has turned into a much more productive passtime than supporting one of their hockey teams, in the end they still have genetic instincts to do whatever we do.


Kerry picks Edwards. Here's why.

A) He's from the south. B) He's Young. C) He's charasmatic. D) Shiney hair.

Um, where's the merit? This guy is a one term senator. And he hasn't even finished his term, so he's LESS than a ONE TERM senator.

Only in America could an 18 year old, less than one term senator beat out guys like Gepthart with decades of experience, or Wesley Clark who's a four-star general, just because he has a southern drawl.

The democrats are so horny to impress the south, they'll nominate a Conway Twitty sounding VP just to keep them happy.

I gotta' tell you I don't like any of the choices. The only thing to get excited about is maybe getting rid of the really scarey choices for the less scarey ones.

I'm moving to Canada.

------------------------------------- The New York Post scred up big. I'm dying to get my hands on a copy of this. If any New Yorkers out there could send me a copy, I'd appreciateit. I'll pay you, drop me a line.


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