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Happy FUCKING Monday

Lord love a duck!

My FUCKING HR lady comes over and FUCKING tells me that they've been over FUCKING charging my dental plan for the past 3 FUCKING years, and now they FUCKING owe me FUCKING money!

Does this shit really happen? This is like something that only happens in Monopoly.

So, she's about to tell me what my cut's gonna' be. My mind starts racing at this point.




Getting my imagination going as such kind of ruins it for me when she shows me the figure of "$64.73"

So I tell the Rolls dealer to cancel my order, and I put down the phone.

This depressed me at first. But then I got undepressed.

Because opportunity is everywhere, and I'm wearing x-ray glasses, mister!

So here's what I'ma gonna' do. I'm gonna' swing by the casino on my way home tonight. I'm gonna' walk up to a roulette table and put the whole, stinkin' $64.73 on black.

Wish me luck!


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